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Marie Antoinette Portraits

I have been fascinated by Marie Antoinette since visiting Versailles Palace in 1990. I have period-appropriate clothing, drapery, costumery, make-up, backdrops, theatrical furniture, and full studio lighting. I am interested in cosplay, beauty, fashion, old Hollywood lighting, and eye candy. I make portraits in the Marie Antoinette aesthetic. I have created a signature style of costume portraiture with Marie Antoinette Portraits. Marie Antoinette Portraits is a portrait studio for historical portraiture. I will work closely with you to tailor each portrait session to your needs and preferences. I'm a videographer, still life photographer, macro focus stacker of flowers, especially, and portrait photographer. It will be fascinating to see where photographing people in period costumes will take the subject and the artist. I use expert lighting and the latest techniques and equipment to create a portrait that captures moments of authenticity through the lens. As a historical portrait, this shows you and the world your apparent beauty.

There are two sessions

Two sessions involve making a Marie Antoinette aesthetic portrait: the Portrait Design Consultation and the Portrait Session, which consists of getting ready to be photographed and learning posing styles on the day of the photo shoot. I am involved with you in selecting the backgrounds, props, flower arrangements, and your set layout with chairs to create these poses in Marie Antoinette Portraiture.

Designing and making your painterly historical portrait involves costume coordination, so we have the gown that fits you best and the poufy wig you choose. All costume portraiture design elements are coordinated with you regarding wardrobe and discussed in the Portrait Design Consultation. I would be open to other costumes, such as those from other countries or different periods. These designs could become available or provided by the subject. For the person seeking my talent and assets, such as those who love Renaissance Fairs or reenactments of historical events, it would be wonderful to make historical portraiture with you, your family, and your animals.