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About US

Vigee LeBrun painted this Portrait of Marie Antoinette when Marie Antoinette was 30. The Portrait I made with the woman on the right was when she was 38.

You can see the timelessness of being in character with elegance and simplicity of clothing, as if the woman were at Court, having brought in a basket of flowers.

Re-creating paintings as photographs is something I enjoy due to my extensive art history and painting background. By digitally overlaying canvas textures in Photoshop on the image photographed on paper backdrops, I can re-design painterly backgrounds for your Portrait. I have been studying Photoshop since 1994. I learned image-compositing skills while completing my digital photography certification at Saint Petersburg College in 2023.

Imagine your love and you standing at the Temple of Love, a precious marble building in the garden of the Ch√Ęteau de Versailles. I can digitally composite your historical Portrait into the Temple of Love or the Hall of Mirrors, the most beautiful room in the Palace. I have photographed at Versailles Palace 3 times since 1990. I plan on traveling back in September 2023 to photograph more scenes of the Versailles Palace, the garden, and the Temple of Love to composite with your heirloom historical portrait, which could fill up one wall in your home.

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